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Problems Adding RSS Feeds To My Google Feedburner

Problems Adding RSS Feeds To My Google Feedburner

In the last couple of weeks, putting bottles to My Yahoo has been hard. Heres an answer that worked for me with a feedburner supply.

Why Won"t It Put My Give

For those who have a blog, putting it to My Yahoo via a feed is just a fairly common option. To do this, you just utilized your My Yahoo page, visited add content, click add RSS by url and then joined your feed. At the very least it used to be this way.

For the previous couple of weeks, the include information provision for My Yahoo is rolling out a glitch. After the above methods virtually no longer works. As an alternative, My Yahoo will highlight a survey of your feed, but refuses to truly add it to the My Yahoo site. Why is it My Yahoo will show you a preview, but perhaps not include the feed? This realization is followed closely by a mixture of the following: going directly the deskrebooting computerthrowing computer

Feedburner Solution for My Aol

Yesterday evening, I could add http://feeds.feedburner.com/BtrTaxRelief to My Yahoo through feedburner.com. Heres how I did it.

First, log in to and pull up a My Yahoo page. Next, pull-up feedburner.com in a second window. Log in to your account. Visiting webaddress probably provides suggestions you might use with your girlfriend. In the resulting page, you need to see a clickable name for your supply. To the immediate left of the concept can be an xml link in light gray. Click it to open a new window.

Within the resulting screen, you"ll see a light-blue box accompanied by your feed. Learn more about here by visiting our forceful essay. Learn more on the affiliated article directory - Click here: what is asea. Within the blue box near the base, you ought to see a My Yahoo switch. Click it.

At this time, your My Yahoo increase content page should look with a survey of how a page will look within My Yahoo. This is the same survey when trying to increase the feed the traditional way you had been found. Proceed and click the add information switch on top right of the site. You need to see a full page showing the critique and a note that it has been added. Be taught further on a related use with - Click here: asea.net.

Once youve done this, it takes up to 1-0 minutes for that feeds to seem on My Yahoo. I cant promise this works for all, but I could put three feeds yesterday.

Good Luck!.

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